Buck Baby Blockers

Note: I was originally going to call this article "Deer Sex," but alliteration always wins.

A town near me always has problems with their deer population. The town hires hunters to deal with the problem. Apparently, it costs the town a lot to thin the herd every year. This year, the town may try a new approach: contraception. (original image source)

Deer in Headlights
When the deer heard that humans created cervidae contraception, they felt like a deer in headlights.

According to the experiment documentation, the contraception must be administered through injection. Hunters must tranquilize the deer, then inject it. In other words, the deer have to be hunted anyway. I don't understand how that will be cheaper like the article claims. It sounds like it's really animal rights decision rather than the economical decision that is claimed.

This whole situation can be summarized in two pictures.


Inhumane Deer Hunting


Humane Deer Hunting

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