Geocache 2 - GC1JBV9 - I684 South

Over the weekend, we visited Boston and Salem, MA. There were a few geocaches near our hotel. Sadly, the conditions of our trip prevented me from seeking caches.

On the ride home, however, we stopped by a rest stop on I-684 South in New York. While waiting for my girlfriend, I sat on a bench and looked around. I noticed moss growing on the same side of each tree. An old hiking/camping tip is to remember that moss always grows on the North side of a tree in the Northern hemisphere. I pulled out my phone and loaded up c:geo to use its compass and confirm this. There was a nearby cache! Geocache #GC1JBV9 caught me by complete surprise. I immediately started looking for it.

If you are a geocacher in the area, the following pictures contain spoilers!

Luckily, there weren't any muggles around, so I could frantically search without worrying too much.

I found the cache behind a sign. It's a magnetic micro-cache.

A picture of me holding the cache.

This is the open cache. On the left side is the screw-on cap. The right side contains a tightly rolled strip of paper that acts as the logbook. I didn't bring tweezers, so I didn't sign it.

After I put it back, she asked me how many other people have found it. I mentioned that there were around 135 people. She responded, "Wash your hands. That thing has bacteria." I left out the part about how it's been stuck behind a sign for 2.5 years.