Hand Sewing Like an Electrical Engineer

I like having a pocket inside my jacket. During the winter, both my jacket and heavy coat have inside pockets. During the fall and spring, I wear a hoodie, and I've never seen a hoodie with a pocket.

Back in college during late 2005/early 2006, I wanted an inside pocket in my hoodie. Because I did this on a whim at the time, I just threw it together late one night with stuff I had in my dorm. Luckily, I had a needle, a small amount of thread for fixing clothes, and an old sock that I had to throw out anyway. My problem: I didn't have any pins to hold my new sock pocket in place while I was sewing.

To the parts bin!

Sock Pocket 1
I pinned the cut-open sock in place with resistors and started sewing.

Sock Pocket 2
My pocket has a resistance of 134kΩ.

Sock Pocket 3
The socket before I trimmed the excess and hemmed the top of the pocket.

Sock Pocket 4
The completed pocket next to a beardless Contrapants. This camera angle shows me why "MySpace Arm" is always done at eye-level or higher.