Inside An Old Linear Power Supply

I have an old power supply intended for use in a lab rack. The problem is that it's huge, heavy, inefficient, and sharp, cutting both my carpet and my skin numerous times. It was so cumbersome that I found myself never using it, even when it would be perfect for whatever I was working on. It's time to get rid of it, but like any engineer, there's no way I'm just going to throw it away. There are good parts to be salvaged first!

Old Linear Power Supply - Front

Old Linear Power Supply - Back

Old Linear Power Supply - Top

Old Linear Power Supply - Parts

According to this site, the supply weighed 97 pounds. I weighed the one large transformer near the top-center of the photo to be 25.2lbs, meaning that it could handle approximately 2.5kW of power. I may have the transformer I need for a pretty nice Tesla coil...