Making Susan Geeky

I guess I was eventually going to have to post like this. I may as well start by showing just how truly geeky I am.

(13:49:02) Susan: me: for these past couple of days
i have realized
i am not that nerdy
or geeky
i am disappointed myself

Connor: really?
ask contrapants for help
im sure he can prescribe a routine
1 hr sci fi
30 min computer games
30 min magic
and stop going to the gym
and make up
u should probably cut ties to 90% of ur friends so u feel uncool

me: hahaha

(13:49:26) Contrapants: hahaha
(13:50:29) Contrapants: And you have to change your icon. You can't have a picture of a girl unless if she's from an anime.

(13:50:33) Susan: hahaha
(13:50:41) Susan: can she at least be a hot girl

(13:51:11) Contrapants: Good luck finding an anime girl who isn't supposed to be hot on some level
(13:52:07) Susan: what does your status mean

My status at the time was chown -R us ./base

(13:52:57) Contrapants: It's the Unix command line way of saying "All your base are belong to us."
(13:53:31) Contrapants: Connor was right in recommending me

(13:53:36) Susan: :)
(13:53:38) Susan: hahaha
(13:53:54) Susan: i should really write a book
(13:53:57) Susan: this would go in it

(13:55:04) Contrapants: hahaha
(13:55:26) Contrapants: To prove Connor even more right, I'll put this in my blog. :-P

(13:56:22) Susan: hahaha
(13:56:25) Susan: please document this
(13:56:26) Susan: :)

(13:56:31) Contrapants: Oh I will

The worst part of this story: when I first read "he can prescribe a routine," I instantly started thinking:

struct Prescription prescribe (const struct Person * patient)

I should probably seek help one day...