Maxim Monday - 31 - Shun Evil

Κακιας απεχου

Approximate (phonetic) transliterationKakias apekhoy
Typical translationShun Evil

I seem to always be late with the simplest Maxims. "Shun evil" is a simple concept, but I don't know what I can say about it.

I don't want to post yet another picture of Walter White in this article. Every time I look for a suitable "evil" picture to post, I keep finding pictures of Satan, zombies, and former President George W. Bush. None of these exemplify the evil I wanted to mention.

Evil is willfully being immoral, unethical, and/or impious, usually resulting in harm to someone else. Harm isn't just limited to mean physical harm. It can be emotional damage, slander, vandalism, etc. Most of all, it can be subtle. Not every evil is powerful or in-your-face; those just get the most attention.

Although I try to use examples from real life, I've been using fictional examples recently because they are more well-known and usually less abstract. When finding an example of evil from recent media, it seems the most popular characters are the evil ones, such as the aforementioned Walter White. I guess once movies started making "gritty reboots" of everything, TV was sure to follow. There are good examples I found, but I personally haven't seen them and don't think I am fit for commenting on them.

Don't be evil, folks. To be evil is to sign a contact with Cthulhu.