Maxim Monday - 71 - Associate With Your Peers

Ομοιοις χρω

Approximate (phonetic) transliterationOmoios Khro
Typical translationAssociate with your peers

Image source: Mordant Orange

This is another Maxim that I need to work on. "Peers" means more than your age group. Your peers are also similarly-ranked coworkers, other club members, other teammates, and others of the same religious community.

I've had jobs where the management does everything in its power to prevent people from talking. Each word slows down the next product from shipping. However, talking to each other is how we are able to spread small tips and tricks to each other, ultimately making us all better workers overall. Talking "around the water cooler" increases productivity and workplace morale. It's how office friendships start.

I have a hard time getting myself to talk to people, so I can't write too much about this. This is something I have to work on.