New Direction

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I've been slowly changing the focus of the site. I've started trying to write more about my personal beliefs and thoughts, creating "real content" rather than fluff. I think I've been doing pretty well with that, too.

As I've been reformatting the archive from WordPress to Textile, I've noticed how dumb I was back then. This isn't surprising. I'm pretty sure everyone looks to the past and thinks of themselves as idiots. It's what happens as people mature.

The problem is that everyone I know knows about this site. When I was excited about my new site (this one), it was the first time I kept one longer than a year, and I told everyone. I've had a few sites in the past, but this one stuck because rather than having a web site to have a web site, I now have a web site to say something. I think this also contributed to the change in the site's tone.

Social Media Redundancy
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Because all of my family and friends know about my site, I can't escape from it. Whenever I go to tell someone about an experience or opinion, they already know it. My site has simultaneously become my stress and well as my stress outlet.