New Used Workbench

My "shop"/"lab" is small, but I wanted to add a workbench for my projects. Using my computer desk wasn't working when I needed to put larger things together, and it would be nice to not need to rearrange everything when I need to switch between building and using my PC. It's also impossible to switch while glue is drying, which can be irritating. So, while rearranging and cleaning up, I starting putting together a list in my head of what I was looking for.

So, after thinking over a couple of designs that I really liked but require a more-permanent home, I built my workbench from a large toolbox, a small set of shelves, and two planks of wood I used for a set of shelves I wanted to take apart anyway.

Workbench - Shelves with Casters
First, I put casters on the small shelves, leveling them with the large toolbox.

Workbench - Dry Fit
This is a dry fit to see if I'd like it.

This gave me more space because I was taking apart unnecessary furniture to make it. It cost me nothing to make because all the pieces are already in the room. The top isn't permanently attached, so everything comes apart easily. Everything is on wheels for mobility. The entire surface is 5ft x 22in, more than capable to hold any tool I have.

To secure the planks together, I used dowels and glue. I put a mark every 1ft across the boards so I would know where to drill.

Workbench - Marking

Then, I cut a 3/16in dowel into two inch pieces. After drilling, I cut another set of four inch dowels, but they were too long, and I had to recut them while gluing everything. Next time, I would measure the depth of the holes first.

Workbench - Dowels

Workbench - Dowel Dry Fit
Dry fitting the dowels. One of the dowels is offset because I didn't drill straight the first time.

Then, I glued each dowel and in between the planks themselves. I put plastic wrap under the joint. The glue doesn't stick to the plastic and prevented a huge mess.

Workbench - Jointing

I wanted to strengthen the joint with a few sticks going across the bottom, but I thought of a better idea. By using a piece of 1/4in MDF, I would smooth the surface and there would be a lot more surface area securing everything together. It took about a pint of wood glue to attach a 4ft x 2ft board of MDF.

Workbench - Gluing the Top

Toolboxes, spare change, and a power transformer made a great clamp.

Workbench - Clamping

Next time I need to go to the hardware store, I'll pick up another small sheet of MDF to cover the rest of the bench.

Workbench - Completed
My completed workbench