Ninja Restaurant

I haven't been updating as frequently as before. I want to say that it's because I moved to a new job, but it's really for another reason. I've been taking orders from Samuel L. Jackson to protect Saints Row.

Saint's Row Julius
Pictured: My New Boss

In other news, I went to Ninja Restaurant recently. Although it's a little pricey, the entertainment was fun, and the food was delicious. The atmosphere is set up to be like a typical ninja movie, using faux-bamboo decor, dim lighting, and large plants. It looked like something out of Ninja Scroll or Ninja Assassin.

Ninja Assassin Screenshot
Like this, replacing the fire with flavor and the badass ninja with me.

A lot of the dishes come with a demonstration. Most involve fire or smoke. The meat of Debbie's salad was slightly smoked. To do this, the waiter set her salad on fire, then put a lid on it and let the smoke build for a couple of minutes. In the meantime, I had to pull a tanto out of my dish, which released a bunch of smoke (created by dry ice). I would add pictures of our dinner here, but I'm not the one who took the pictures. I'm still waiting for them.

A minor problem with Ninja is that they have a dress code. My girlfriend, who I'll call Debbie because she'd kill me for using her real name, tried to explain this to me.

Debbie: You need to look nice.

Bill: It's full of ninjas, right? I have plenty of black t-shirts.

Debbie: No. A buttoned shirt.

Bill: Fine. (starts walking away)

Debbie: And an undershirt!

Bill: Fine!

Now, Debbie knows me well enough to specify that I have to wear an undershirt. What she had yet to learn was to specify where I had to wear the undershirt. I was already grumpy because I was being forced to wear pants on the weekend. So, when she expected this:

Not Ninja

she got this:


I don't know. I think I was dressed nicely enough. What do you think?