No Home Server Challenge - 30 Days Later

Image Source: Free Digital Photos

It's been over 30 days since I shut off my PC as a server. On day 31, I turned it back on.

I have found that I can easily live without using my PC as a home server. Synchronizing my notebook is much easier when using an external server on "the cloud," but I discovered that I don't use my virtual notebook nearly as much as I thought I did. Using subversion eliminated any issues with synchronization, though, so I'm glad I did that. I still like that I don't rely on an Internet connection, too.

I think the reason I don't use my home server as much as I used to is because I'm fortunate enough to have a job where I use Linux. All of my tools, programs, and data work with each other, regardless of which computer I am physically typing on. I used to remotely log in to my home when I had to use Windows for everything.

Being in a smaller apartment has also negated some of the server's usefulness. There is no need to run a miniature microcontroller-based automation system. I know there was never really a need, but it was useful. All of the apartment's "controls" are in the same room as us.

The PC still functions as a media server with all our movies, so laziness still triumphs over getting up to change a DVD.

I've also started using it as a build server for my projects again, so that has been helpful.

So, this challenge was more of a dud than the others. It mostly confirmed what I already knew: I don't need a personal server. It's not much of a surprise. Maybe the next challenge will be a little more fruitful.