No Home Server Challenge

Ethernet Cable Mess

It's time for another 30 Day Challenge.

I use a couple of computer servers. There are a couple at work, I use one for this website, and I have a PC/server at home. I synchronize my data across a couple of different workstations, and I'm starting to lose track of what data is on which server. Also, because my home PC is doubling as a server, I sometimes have a problem because I sometimes sync data directly with it. This causes issues when the applications I sync are already open on the PC.

It's time to consolidate my data and turn my home PC into an actual PC. It will cut down on the white noise in the living room, and I'll save a little on my electrical bill. I already pay to run a real server, so why should I keep paying to run two?

I don't like "cloud" applications for many reasonsno-home-server-challenge-fn1. I prefer to use "real" software and just sync the data. In some cases, an alternative isn't an option. Because I use Linux everywhere, it's almost as easy as just copying one or two folders. It's really just my notes that I copy. Most things are in a source control system. I'm working on doing the same for my notes.

If I can get this to work, it will simplify most of the way I have to handle my data. Because I use a laptop for a lot of things, maybe I can even clear my PC off my desk to make room for projects!

no-home-server-challenge-fn1 I wrote this on my lunch break. Just as I went to upload this, the network at my job went down. I have terrible cell service here, so most "cloud"-based applications aren't working. People are wandering aimlessly because they don't know what to do with themselves. I'm happily continuing like nothing happened; I'm not affected.