Rammstein at Nassau Coliseum

I went to a Rammstein concert last night at Nassau Caliseum in Long Island. It was amazing! The concert was all of their best songs. It was probably their best show that I've seen.

This was the view from where we were before the coliseum filled up.

Rammstein - Nassau - View

They started with Sonne. I can't think of any other band that can rock your face off from the very beginning just by counting to ten.

When they played Sehnsucht, the green fire rose. I felt like I was in the first DVD.

Rammstein - Nassau - Sehnsucht

Mid-way through the concert, the background dropped and a fan lowered from the ceiling. It looked like the concert on Live aus Berlin, completing the DVD feeling.

Rammstein - Nassau - First Ending

When the concert was over, I was trying to think of other songs I wanted to them to play. They played a good set. I guess the only alternative was to play everything they've ever written. :-P