Superhero Valentines

I frequently read Topless Robot. If you've never heard of it, it's not what you think. Topless Robot is a great geek news aggregator and comedy site.

Topless Robot gives out free shirts every week to winners of a weekly contest. This past week the contest was to make the best Valentine's Day card from a comic book character. Yesterday, the results were posted. I normally find these contests pretty funny, but yesterday's results were so hilarious that I want to post a few here.

My Dearest Mary Jane,
Goblins are green,
Symbiotes are black,
I'd love you forever
But Quesada's a hack
-Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

written by SpiderHyphenMan
From Gambit to Rogue:
"I don't want anybody else
When I think about I think
about you I touch myself...
...because that's pretty much
the only option."

written by GreggoryBase
Dear Barbara--
I hope you are sitting down for this--
Happy Valentines Day...
The Joker.

written by stewbacca

These were my favorites of the chosen few that were listed on the results page. Go to the link above to see the rest.

Before posting this a friend told me he didn't understand the first and third picks. For those who don't know the references: