The Company's New Web Filter

I recently submitted my resignation to my job. I am moving to a different company that specializes in the type of projects that I am interested in. Of course, there will be an article comparing the two jobs once I've been there for a while.

If you can't tell by this site, my current job has extremely low morale. Every day that goes by it seems that the morale manages to find a way to get lower. I've been writing everything down for future Cubicle Tales.

Everyone who I've told about my departure has responded the same way: "There is hope!" That's not a good sign. To make matters worse, the company has created a stronger web filter and throttled bandwidth more. As a side note, every time I've worked for a company that instituted mandatory free overtime and tightened Internet filters, there have been massive layoffs. That includes this company in the past couple of years. I can see what's coming.

Someone was excited for me that I am leaving, so he/she sent me a congratulatory e-card. When I followed the link, I saw this.

Work Web Content Filter - Displayed

I can read between the lines. They want us to quit so we're not entitled to severance pay, so they're crushing our morale in hopes that we'd get fed up and leave. I've seen it before. That filter may as well have said this.

Work Web Content Filter - Meaning