"V" Aliens Revealed in USA Today

USA Today published an article today that included a picture of how the Visitors in V will look this season. Basically, the "big reveal" was just spoiled. It's a disappointing design, too.

New V Alien
New V Alien

It reminds me of another alien I've seen before, except with scales.

Giger Alien
Maybe it's just me...

I watched every agonizingly boring minute of the first season of V, waiting for something to happen. I understand that it set the scene and set up the characters. I also understand that the set up for a deep, intricate story can take a long time. Still, the first season seems as if it was unnecessarily stretched just to inflate the number of episodes. Slow does not equal dramatic.

All tangential bitching aside, the article says that the Visitors' physical appearance will be revealed slowly over the course of the entire 10-episode second season. The way I'm interpreting this is that the Visitors are going to show their true arms and legs over the season. Near the end of the season, they'll reveal part of a chest and maybe part of a jaw & cheek. Finally, in either episode 9 or 10, Anna/Inara/Morena Baccarin will come out of some chamber either without skin or removing her skin. The camera will pan from her feet up to her face. At about just height, the camera will cut away to a human with a surprised expression before cutting back. There's also a chance that the camera will cut to the back of her exposed head instead of her face if this is the end of episode 9, saving the face reveal for episode 10.

In the original series a Visitor's face was revealed in a suspenseful, interesting way.

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Personally, I hope I'm wrong. The hope the new series pays homage to the old series reveal.

Finally, the design itself isn't that great. While I do believe that the old design should be updated, I know the new Visitors are going to be a CGI-filled mess.

Original Visitor
Even if you have nostalgia for this show, I think we can all agree that this is no longer acceptable.