Wire Rack

I've been working on the RC Tank recently. I plan on writing more about it soon.

One thing I noticed while working on a semi-complex project is how badly I need to organize. I always know that I have a part on hand, but I never know where I put it. Whenever I'm cutting wire off my spools, I tend to knock things off my desk, like resistors and chips. If you ever have to search though a pile of junk looking for a resistor or an 8-pin DIP, you'd do something about it, too.

The first way I thought to organize was to mount my wire spools on the wall. All but my largest spools fit on this rack. Since my largest spools are stranded wire, I don't need them very often. I use them only when making cables, which I dedicate the whole desk to doing. Therefore, I don't consider these spools to be a problem.

Wire Rack Front

I just took two pieces of scrap wood and cut a notch in them. I clamped them together first to make sure that the notches were even, ensuring that the metal rod would be level. The metal rod was salvaged from an old piece of furniture.

Wire Rack Side

After this picture was taken, I also put all of my solder spools on the rack. It really cleared up more desk space than I anticipated.