Wooden Cupcake Box - Glue Up

Cutting out the Final Pieces

Wooden Cupcake Box 3 - 1

After spending some time looking up how well basswood stains, I found out that it doesn't stain well at all. Most of the time, basswood is painted.

Because I was stuck in the apartment, I wasn't able to get wood sealer, anyway. This was pretty much my only shot at getting this project done in time, so I didn't want to experiment with making my own sealer, either.

I had paint, so I grabbed some leftover sticks of pine to make the bottom and top of the box.

After sawing a stick into pieces to make the bottom, I ripped one piece in half. This meant that when it was time to shape the bottom, the whole piece would fit in my miter box so I could keep the edges straight.

Wooden Cupcake Box 3 - 2

I glued up the bottom. While that dried, I started to make the top.

Wooden Cupcake Box 3 - 3

I made the top in three layers. Setting up a stop block let me cut these out pretty quickly.

Wooden Cupcake Box 3 - 4

Except for the shaping of the very top and bottom, all the pieces were now cut. The two small pieces in the lower-right corner of the picture are the top layer of the cupcake.

Shaping the Bottom

Wooden Cupcake Box 3 - 5

I put the sides of the box on top of the now-dried base and traced inside the opening. It's not shown, but I made a mark on the edge of the bottom and inside the side of the box to help me keep the orientation because this isn't a perfect octagon.

Wooden Cupcake Box 3 - 6

With a lot of pencil marks and sanding, I eventually got the bottom to fit. I applied glue, completing the base of the box.

Creating the Top

Wooden Cupcake Box 3 - 7

After cutting the top to size and gluing the octagons with my band clamp, I rounded the edges off. The pencil lines are for orientation. I tried to line up each edge with the edges above or below it.

Wooden Cupcake Box 3 - 8

I flipped the top over and traced the insides with a pencil. This let me apply glue without having to worry if I was putting glue on an exposed area. This minimized sanding later.

I had about a 3/4 inch border on each piece to put the glue.

Wooden Cupcake Box 3 - 9

I clamped the whole assembly against my Workmate using a piece of scrap wood to prevent marring the top.

Once everything was dry, it was time to install the hinge. Continued in part 4...