About This Site

The Writer

I'm Billy McGuire. This is my website.

The History

I started War on Pants as a way to show the electronics projects I built at home. As my former toxic job started to monopolize my life, the site became a place for me to vent my frustrations with the totalitarian company. I've since moved on.

I tried my hand at writing a "blog," but it wasn't for me. I felt like I was talking a lot without saying anything. I learned that if a writer isn't interested in what they write, neither will the audience.

Now, this site has become more of an attempt at "real" writing. Rather than posting for the sake of posting, I try to say something with each article. I've learned that what happens in my life is inspiration for a topic, not a topic in and of itself.

The Name

When I bought the URL, I tried to get something that I knew would be persistent throughout my tenure with it. I've never liked pants.

The .net part was because I used to work on developing devices that controlled networks. Because that is the original reason for the suffix, buying a .net was a tongue-in-cheek joke to myself.

When I joined Twitter, the name "@waronpants" was already taken by a fan-servicey anime that I would prefer not to mention. It's pedophilic creepiness seriously caused me to debate whether I should change my URL. I now also have the .com version of my URL so, when friends and family mistype it, they don't think I made a fan site dedicated to it.

"Contra" means "against" and has been used in reference to warfare, so "@contrapants" seemed like a good substitution. The Internet being ever-growing, there are others who use the same name. I didn't know this at the time.


I keep my contact page up to date. If you'd like to tell me that you like something I did or think I'm a complete asshole, I encourage you to do so.