Army Tank Pull 2011

You know how some people go around collecting sponsors that pay per mile run for a charity cause? Some people run for charity. Some people pull army tanks with their bare hands.


On Sunday, I went to the Nutley Knights of Columbus Tank Pull in Clifton, NJ.

I expected everyone to pull the tank. I didn't expect them to pull it while it was still on the flatbed of a truck.


I asked one of the coordinators how much the tank weighs without the flatbed. He told me it was 60,000 pounds (30 tons). That means the truck adds an extra 10 tons.

After posting this on the site, I now realize that the zoom in effect was totally unnecessary.

There was a flea market set up nearby to take advantage of the occasion. I spent most of my time there before going geocaching. It was a good way to kill an afternoon.