Bacon Ice Cream

I went back to the bacon shrine and picked up a few things for desert.

Bacon 1


Before we started, I decided to try the duck bacon for lunch. I fried two strips to try them.

Bacon 2

A duck's fat is its best part. I didn't want to just drain the pan, so I fried some portabello to suck up that fat.

Bacon 3

It's smoky and good, but isn't worth the money. I'd rather just get duck breast if I have the option.


Originally, five people were going to eat the two pounds of bacon (1/2 lb chicken, 1/2 lb duck, 1 lg pig). Only two of us showed up. The bacon would not defeat us.

Bacon 4
Chicken bacon

Bacon 5
Duck bacon

Bacon 6
Desert - waiting to be put together

We were not defeated.

Bacon 7

All the bacon was good, but the pig bacon is still the best.

As a side note, this is what I happened to be wearing as type this article.

Bacon Shirt