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Update (May 21, 2012): I've been told I over-reacted. Hundreds of emails per hour will do that. Comments are now re-enabled. Pingbacks & Trackbacks are now disabled.

Spam Comic
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As a side project, I've been rewriting the site. Originally, I didn't want to use Wordpress as a web framework. I was a "webmaster" (back when that was the term), and I still enjoy creating websites. However, I wanted to create content before creating a layout. The problem I had with making a site, and why my sites died over time, was that it was too much to design the site. create content for the site, and maintain everything else I like to do. I installed Wordpress, helping me get into the rhythm of content creation, and I can still use it while I work on the real layout.

After a while, I started embracing Wordpress. I learned to create Wordpress themes and PHP functions. It was working, but with all of the security issues that both Wordpress and PHP have, I wasn't completely happy. There was still a lot of HTML necessary for each post, defeating the purpose of why I used it in the first place. I started putting together my site code again. The only stumbling block was comments. Very few people have commented on my site, and I'm OK with that. The question was whether or not I should write or install code to handle comments.

Today that question was answered for me. Over the course of last night, every single page of my site was spammed. It all got through my filters. Really, after handling it, I don't care anymore. People tend to email me rather than comment on the site. Now, that will be the only option.

Update your blacklists with these douchebags who deserve a DDOS:

The spam seems to come from these networks: