Hipster Ambiance on Yelp

According to this article on Geekosystem, the restaurant review site Yelp now allows a new selection in the ambiance category: hipster.

Hipster Ambiance on Yelp

Seriously, WTF? You may be thinking that this is a good thing, but let me remind you that "hipster" is not referring to this:

Hipster Underwear
Men, if your eyes make it this far, "hipster" refers to a style of female undergarment.

"Hipster" refers to this:

Generic Hipster
Does this even count as a person?
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"Even better!" you think. "I can filter out all the places that those douche bags frequent!" No, you can't. Filtering the hipster category isn't a possibility. Hopefully, Yelp will add this. Considering that Yelp added the category in the first place, it's doubtful that functionality will be available for a while.

While Yelp may have gone to the Dark Side, there are others fighting back against Those Who Don't Understand the Word "Ironic." Jeff Greenspan and Hunter Fine have created a hipster trap in New York City.

NYC Hipster Trap
The trap uses typical hipster bait: Pabst Blue Ribbon, American Spirits, a bike chain, and pink Wayfarer sunglasses.

Who knows? Maybe Yelp is trying to find a way to contain the hipster scourge. Maybe this is a way to get all hipsters to congregate together for lunch so we can more easily dispose of them. Of course, this may backfire; hipsters may start thinking that eating is now too mainstream for them.

In that case we'd have to think of a new plan of attack. We may be able to win a war of attrition by first going after the source: Pabst Blue Ribbon breweries. The propaganda would be easy; everyone knows that Hitler liked PBR.

Hipster Hitler - Arcade Fuhrer Shirt and Fixie
We could have ended WWII faster using the same attack.
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