Incense Tower - Starting

Project Inspiration

For my girlfriend's birthday, I decided to build her something.

Incense Burner 1 - 1

Last time we were at the Renaissance Faire, she bought a sun and moon mirror. This year, she was looking at incense burning towers. All of them were dark and not really worth the asking price.

She had a dark wooden Buddha and a dark incense burner on one shelf. The shelf on the other side of the room is white plastic. Rather than letting her buy a dark tower, I said it wasn't worth it. Then, I got to work.


Incense Burner 1 - 2

I went to Lowe's and found the brightest, clearest maple I could get. I found "project boards," which are already a manageable size and planed thin. I was able to buy four 1/4 in. x 3 in. (really 2 1/2 in.) x 2 ft. boards and a 1/2 in. x 4 in. (really 3 1/2 in.) x 2 ft. board.

Incense Burner 1 - 3

I found this near the project boards. I debated on using this as the top of the tower. My girlfriend would have liked it. I didn't for two reasons.

Incense Burner 1 - 4

Incense sticks are approximately 12 in. long. There are also 18 in. varieties, but we didn't have any of those lying around.


Incense Burner 1 - 5

I can plane and glue quietly at night, but my girlfriend can hear me saw in the living room from the bedroom when I saw. She went out to the store at one point during the week, so I set to cut these boards to length as fast as possible.

Using hand tools, any table or desk is a workbench. Who needs a shop? :-P

Incense Burner 1 - 6

Within half an hour, I got out the tools, set up, measured, cut, vacuumed, put everything away, and re-hid the wood.

When she walked in just as I sat down, I felt like a bionic man with a handsaw.


Side Note

I could have posted this hours ago, but I was trying to avoid such an obscure reference. After combing the Internet for a few pictures, I still didn't like any as much. Your only hint, by the way, is "Malus."