Jury Rigging a Firefox Extension to Work after Upgrading

I use Firefox. I love my extensions. Recently, Firefox 5 was released. When I upgraded, one of my extension was disabled.

Screen Capture Elite lets me take screenshots of an entire webpage, even when the rest of the page is off screen. It's a way to copy an entire forum thread with one click rather than taking multiple screenshots and stitching them together. However, when I opened my shiny new Firefox 5, disaster struck!

Screen Capture Elite - Disabled
Pictured: Geek disaster

Screen Capture Elite doesn't do anything extremely intricate, so I thought there was a chance that the extension might still work if I force Firefox to let it run. Warning: This could cause nasty things to happen depending on what the extension does. Try this at your own risk!

Find the install.rdf file in the extension's folder. In Windows 7 the file is located here:

Screen Capture Elite install.rdf

Open it in Notepad or some other plain-text editor. Change its maxVersion to 5.0.* or higher.

Screen Capture Elite install.rdf modified

Save it, then restart Firefox. There's a chance it could work.

Screen Capture Elite - Enabled
In this case, it did.

If something is broken, close Firefox and revert your install.rdf file. Sadly, a broken extension means that the extension's developer has to modify the extension itself to make it work. You can either wait for a new version if the developer is still working on it or you can help him/her develop it.

Good luck!