Maxim Monday - 133 - Do Not Be Discontented by Life - Part 2

War On Pants

Mad Scientist
Mad Scientist

The topics I write about have dramatically changed. I have a huge list of topics I wanted to complain about from my old job, especially buzzwords. I still have fully-written drafts from 2009 that just need a little editing, but they haven't been published because they no longer bother me.

I started noticing this back in August. I subscribe to Charlie Stross's site, and his post about the then-recent uptrend in anger on the Internet phrased it perfectly:

Is the internet having an epic snit this summer?

I've noticed it everywhere my internet footprint falls, and other folks I've been talking to have noticed it too. On Facebook, ill-tempered flame wars spring up on people's walls. The discussions on Hacker News are so negative that it's become a topic for discussion in its own right. Reddit is peeved (apart from /r/cats and /r/aww, which are refuges of big dark eyes and furry muzzles).

It's like our collective fuses are fraying, tempers boiling over, or something.

At the time, I had noticed the same thing. I realized that I was unsubscribing to blogs and unfollowing people on Twitter. It's as if the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theorem was in full effect this summer.

Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory
Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory
Source: Penny Arcade

I used to complain on this site a lot more. Those articles continue to be my most popular. Although I am sometimes angry when I write now, most of my articles are either happy or informative (or pointless, even to me). I like it that way.

It's been two weeks since I started this draft. Amongst dealing with Hurricane Sandy, Thanksgiving, the approaching holidays, and all of the birthdays and events that occur in December and January, I don't have as much time as I did a few weeks ago. I am publishing what I have already written, and I will include the rest of what I have to say in other Maxim articles.