More About My Homemade ThanksKilling Paraphernalia

I wasn't going to write anything today as I'm still waiting for the parts for the next electronics project article. However, today something exciting happened. By exciting, I mean exciting for only one person on the planet, really: me.

@TheTurkey, the hero of ThanksKilling, tweeted about me today.

ThanksKilling Shirt Tweeted By Turkie
Hell yeah, I retweeted that!

That photo is from my post proclaiming my love of ThanksKilling. Other people like my girlfriend's taste as well.

ThanksKilling Shirt Response

The funny part is that I thought that I was already earmarked for death.

Originally, I told everyone that I contributed to the sequel fund.

Turkie Will Stuff Me 1

Then, @RaleyColson replied to me asking something along the lines of "Why the hell would you do such a thing?" I can't screencap this because the account no longer exists.

I responded:

Turkie Will Stuff Me 2

Turkie finished off with lovely comment amount my ass.

Turkie Will Stuff Me 3

Hmmm... Maybe @RaleyColson got stuffed. For me, however, I think Turkie plans on just raping me but leaving me alive.

Bill as a Hand Turkey
I admit; my ass does bring all the boys to the yard.

I mentioned in my first ThanksKilling article that I love the movie enough that my friends made me a ThanksKilling birthday card. Due to requests, here is the card in all its motherfu%#ing glory.

ThanksKilling Birthday Card
My friends are awesome.