RC Tank Mk I - Requirements

I've drawn a few diagrams and schematics for the RC Tank. The concept is that the tank will have a laser pointer and an ultrasonic rangefinder which can be aimed up and down. When the wireless remote says to fire, the tank will calculate the proper angle of the gun to hit the target painted by the laser. To do this, I have to follow the mantra: Get it to work. Then, get it to work well.

A few assumptions have to be made. These assumptions can be removed in future incarnations of the tank using better hardware and algorithms.

To reduce the size of my blog posts and increase my posting frequency, I will write a few of the requirements I've identified. I'll explain all of my reasoning and design later. The reason for this is that I've got a working prototype of the chassis, which makes me happy for now. I have a more pressing project right now: keep my fish alive.

Mark I Requirements

Mark I Requirements than can be improved for Mark II

Derived Requirements