Ritz Crackerfuls

I have something that needs to be pointed out. These exist:

Crackerfuls Cheddar and Bacon
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I thought the idea was good, but they're not what I was expecting. It's like what Jim Gaffigan once said.

I don't get it.

Crackerfuls are similar. Delicious cheese combined with the ungodly awesomeness of bacon? Sign me up. I think the problem was that I over-hyped it to myself between the store shelf and check-out register. In actuality, they taste like Handi-Snacks mixed with Bac-Os.

Crackerfuls Formula

You remember Handi-Snacks, right? From grade school? They were part of the Lunch Side Trinity.

Parents Love
If you didn't have one of these at lunch in grade school, then your parents didn't love you.