Sharing Things on the Internet

I follow a lot of different feeds on the Internet. Naturally, I tend to find a lot of things that I know my friends and family would like. So I usually send a link over something like Twitter. Also, I post pictures in blog posts. Unless the context of the picture is obvious, such as talking about a movie and including a screenshot I've taken from said movie, I put a link to where the image originated unless the picture is widespread and I can't find the true origin.

The worst part of searching for an image's origin is when I'm crawling through a bunch of sites that try to take credit for the work. I've seen images where the source is cropped out of the image, the logo replaced, or even worse: just a black bar covering the image credit. Why do people feel the need to hide the source? A lot of the websites I frequent on the internet were from the credit line in an image I found on some random aggregation site.

Webcomics have this problem pretty often. I read Rosscott's comic today. I'm a big fan of his, so much so to the point where meeting him was my favorite part of New York Comic Con 2010. I feel like I should do my part to help spread the word. The original page can be found here.

See Something - Cite Something