At the risk of sounding like an Internet echo chamber, some things are just too awesome not to post.

Although I may never be able to be as excited about outer space as some people, I still love pictures and videos of space, especially when it's taken by amateurs.

Portal 2 Space Core
Pictured: the most excited space explorer (formerly) on Earth

Qu8k, a hobby rocketry group, has launched a rocket 121,000 feet (36,880 meters). They may be able to claim the $8,000 rocketry prize initially offered by John Carmack. Also, if you play video games and seriously don't know who John Carmack is, you need to read this book. (Side note: Portal's game engine can be traced back to Carmack's original Quake engine).

The on-board video is pretty impressive. I'm surprised that a cheap commercial video camera can take this kind of footage.

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You can see more information at their website.