A Day in Chicago - Part 2

I took a few pictures with my phone that I forgot to post in the last photodump.

The Morning

We left on a Thursday morning. As a morning zombie, I started getting ready as if I was going to work. Christine was grabbing a few last minute items when she walked in to ask me something.

Do you know where my medicine... Why are you wearing pants!?

That probably speaks more about me than it does about her.

Car Rental

Chicago Carfirmation
Apparently, the word "carfirmation" is trademarked.

Seriously, though, Hertz was great. I'd recommend them.

Minecraft Hotel

Before we left, I wrote that I was planning on playing Minecraft the entire flight there and back. Later, I found out two things:

Of course, because I didn't think to test it until it was too late, I didn't play anything on the plane. The plants in the hotel lobby made sure to remind me of it, though.

Chicago - Minecraft Hotel - 1 Chicago - Minecraft Hotel - 2