Electric Drink Cooler - Part 2

With the circuit layout done, it was time to build the supporting structure. I tried to use materials and scrap that I already had around my apartment.

Drink Cooler Bracket 1

I made two L-shaped brackets out of some scrap wood I had. The holes in the wood were already there from a previous project. I chose this particular scrap wood because it allowed me to easily make a bracket that was flush with the height of the fan.

Drink Cooler Bracket 2

Drink Cooler Bracket 3

Then, I had to add the heat sink. The TEC should be flush with the top of the bracket, and the heat sink should be directly below that. Luckily, I was able to easily mount the heat sink using some 1/4 inch threaded rod.

Drink Cooler Bracket 4

Drink Cooler Bracket 5

I set up a test rig to make sure that building this project will actually work.

Drink Cooler Bracket 6