Geocache 1 - GC12D2B - Memorial Park II Cache

I've always liked hiking, but I never know where to go. Last year in October my friend told me about geocaching. After reading about it, I signed up immediately. It gave me tons of places to go hiking because I now can hike with a destination in mind. I've been waiting for a free weekend with good weather to start. Today, I finally got my chance.

My first geocache was #GC12D2B. It was a quick find, and I enjoyed it. I didn't take many pictures because I'm local to the area, but I took at least a picture of the cache and the logbook that I signed. I was afraid that my phone GPS compass wouldn't be accurate enough, but it got me within a 15 foot radius. That's much better than I anticipated.

If you are a geocacher in the area, the following pictures contain spoilers!

The river near the cache

The hidden cache

I found the cache!

After signing the logbook, always hide the cache in the same way that you found it.