I Am Iron Man

Hurricane Sandy has swept through our area. All the towns arounds us flooded, there is building damage, and most people do not have electricity.

We were lucky. We got away with only losing our electricity for a few days.

I've actually enjoyed the temporary lack of electricity. I watch a lot of Survivorman, and this is the closest I'm going to come to "roughing it" as long as I'm with my girlfriend. She, on the other hand, is having a mental breakdown due to dark nights and no TV. I'm enjoying it for the same reason: I get a reprieve of the Real Housewives' incesant screeching.

I can't "get work done" on any of my projects, so my brain finally gave in. I can finally relax and read a few books by candlelight without my mind nagging me to keep working.

There is also another huge perk: I can walk around pretending I'm Iron Man without anyone calling me an asshole.

Iron Man
Although, that might be because they can't see me.