I Have a Podcast

While I really need to learn how to publish more of the tens of thousands of words currently accumulating in my drafts folder, I have been publishing content somewhere else. UraniumBacon and I have been creating a podcast together called I'm Ashamed of This.

Because I some of the topics we cover have inspired some of my writings and vice-versa, I'd like to post the episodes here on War On Pants as well as our own site. So far, we have ten episodes with at least two more in the can.

  1. Introductions, X-Men, Spider-Man, and ADD
  2. Why Is This a Thing?
  3. Weird Food
  4. Beer and Black Holes
  5. Folktales of Fuddled Fezzik
  6. WTF Japan?
  7. Darwin Award Candidates
  8. Creepy Places
  9. Adult Toys For Kids
  10. Contrapants Can't Read