Stargate Universe is over

Stargate Universe Cast

The Syfy channel sucks. Last week, Syfy announced that it is canceling Stargate Universe. The worst part: I fucking called it.

A lot of my friends told me that I would love this show. I loved Stargate SG-1. But I didn't watch Stargate Universe solely because I knew that Syfy wouldn't keep it, and that's not because it's another Stargate series. It's because "SciFi" became "Syfy."

ScFi vs Syfy

The SciFi channel, owned by NBC, used to be television for geeks. It had shows that didn't really fit on any other station and filled a niche that many geeks craved. SciFi's lineup used to include British shows that would otherwise bomb during primetime on other stations, such as Lexx and Dr. Who. NBC was able to compete in mainstream primetime while still getting the geek demographic on the SciFi channel without competition.

Then, SciFi killed itself. The "SciFi" channel rebranded itself as the "Syfy" channel in an attempt to get away from its geeky image. The major problem with this is that this change alienated the channel's core audience while the program lineup was still targeting it. Slowly, "Syfy" is evolving its programming toward the non-geek market, stretching what it considers sci-fi. The first major casualty I remember is when it gave up first-run rights to Doctor Who, now on BBC America. You can still see the announcement here. The Syfy website still contains advertisements under the old channel name.

Doctor Who of SciFi

Slowly, all science fiction shows are being eradicated in favor of shows like Ghost Hunters and other "reality" TV1. _Stargate Universe was just another casualty. I'm amazed Eureka is still on the air at all. Although, you can be almost certain that if there's ever a slight drop in Eureka's or Warehouse 13's ratings, they'll be replaced with another ghost-themed reality show. Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, and Ghost Hunters Academy clearly aren't enough.

1 Some unofficial sources, such as Wikipedia, list Ghost Hunters as a comedy. To refute that, look at Syfy's official website for the show that states it to be a reality show. I've included a screenshot here just in case if the site ever changes. About Ghost Hunters