Wooden Cupcake Box - Hardware and Paint

The Hinge

Wooden Cupcake Box 4 - 1

I rounded the edges of the base of the box. Then, I was able to finally put the sandpaper away.

Wooden Cupcake Box 4 - 2

I chiseled out a space for the hinge.

Wooden Cupcake Box 4 - 3

Then, I chiselled a space in the lid for the hinge. This is a test fit.

Wooden Cupcake Box 4 - 4 Wooden Cupcake Box 4 - 5 Wooden Cupcake Box 4 - 6

I like how invisible the hinge ended up becoming. Also, the box lid naturally stops at just past a 90° angle.


Wooden Cupcake Box 4 - 7 Wooden Cupcake Box 4 - 8 Wooden Cupcake Box 4 - 9

I painted the cupcake box to look like a chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting in red paper. I thought the chocolate cake color on the inside helps highlight the shiny ring that would be placed inside it.

Ring Cushion

Wooden Cupcake Box 4 - 10

I had a lot of ideas for the ring cushion. I thought of using some stiff, black ESD foam or a floral block from a craft store. Ultimately, I filled the box with rice, cut a section from a black sock, and tucked the sock over the rice.

Wooden Cupcake Box 4 - 11 Wooden Cupcake Box 4 - 12

After cutting a small slit for the ring, I inserted the ring, closed the lid, boxed and wrapped it, and waited for Christmas.

Time and Cost

From start to finish, this took about 12 hours to build complete by hand, 8 of which were in one night. Most of the time was spent either waiting for glue/paint to dry or setting up and cleaning up so my now-fiancée didn't notice. It was a simple, rewarding project that now sits in the center of our China cabinet.

The wood costs about $7, but if made completely out of pine it would cost closer to $3. The hinge was $1. I already had the paint and glue.

On the other hand, if you factor in the cost of ring, this was the most expensive project I have ever made in my life, and it will take a long time if I ever beat that personal record.