My Top 15 Articles of 2011

These are 15 most popular articles on for 2011.

  1. Hipster Ambiance on Yelp
  2. “V” Aliens Revealed in USA Today"
  3. Review: Black Swan (2010)
  4. Why Does “High Fashion” Exist?
  5. Twilight is Required Reading in College
  6. The News about Rob Granito Depresses Me>The News about Rob Granito Depresses Me
  7. The series on my Electric Drink Cooler
  8. The series on my Automatic Fish Feeder
  9. How to Exclude WordPress Preview Pages from Piwik Statistics
  10. GnuCash Encryption
  11. The 5 Types of Prime-Time Television – Part 2, or Why Spencer Reid Can’t Exist
  12. Why I Don’t Use the Merriam-Webster Dictionary
  13. GUI Design Matters
  14. Motor Driver Board
  15. Automatic Door Light

I only wrote a couple of reviews before I stopped. I even took my review index off the site. Everyone who has a website decides to review things at one point, and there are many who are far more qualified than me. I don't find my reviews very interesting, and I was terrible when I tried making video reviews instead of text reviews. Now, ignore this paragraph and go see the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

I plan to redesign the site again. When I was browsing around for these links, I found that it's difficult to find and navigate through articles. I already found inspiration, so now it's just a matter of adding the redesign to my (huge) project to-do list. My project progress has been slow. I'm going to say it was because I was on vacation, but I think we all know it's because I took an arrow to the knee.

Fus Ro Dah
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